5 Ways to Lower Your Laser Printer’s Energy Consumption – 5 Simple Tips.

5 Ways to Lower Your Laser Printer's Energy Consumption - 5 Simple Tips.

1 Change Printer Settings: Printer settings can have a big effect on the amount of power your laser printer consumes. You can significantly lower your printer’s energy consumption by switching to draft quality printing and printing in black and white. You may also adjust the time it takes for your printer to enter sleep mode as well as the time it takes for it to recover from sleep mode.

2: 2. Purchase an Energy Star-certified printer for the highest energy efficiency available. Buy an Energy Star-certified printer. Printers that are Energy Star certified save up to 25% less energy than non-certified models.

3.. Use Printer Drivers that are Optimized for Low Energy Use: Many printer drivers are now optimized to use less energy. To reap the benefits of these energy-saving features, make sure you’re using the latest version of your printer’s driver.

5 Ways to Lower Your Laser Printer's Energy Consumption - 5 Simple Tips.

4.. Use Power Management Software: Power management applications can be used to turn off the printer when it is not in use and back on when it is needed. This is particularly important when you have multiple printers in the same office.

5 ). Keeping your printer clean and well-maintained can make it run more efficiently. Clean and repair the printer’s toner cartidges regularly and replace them as needed. Dust and dirt can also harm the printer’s internal components, so make sure you clean it regularly.

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